Spruce Up Your Home For the Holidays

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There’s just nothing quite like walking into a space and instantly feeling a sense of warmth and comfort, especially during the holidays. And there’s also nothing quite like being told that your home is cozy and inviting. However, maybe you’re struggling with creating an atmosphere that others want to be in. If you are having a hard time creating a more cozy and inviting home for the holidays, here are a few tips.

Inviting Entryway
First impressions are everything – especially when it comes to the entryway of your home.Start with a festive wreath on the door and a nice mat to usher in and welcome both family and guests. Great lighting, art or a mirror, and a succession of rugs help to pull guests into this entry.

Let there be Candlelight!
Having plenty of candles in your home gives it a sense of warmth. Put a couple candles in each room and people will feel a sense of comfort no matter where they are in your home. Select scents that remind you of the season – like pumpkin, spice, and apple. Just remember that any candles set out where food is being served should be unscented.

The Power of Smell
As stated above, this can be one of the most important factors in creating a welcoming environment. Try a homemade holiday potpourri or freshly baked cookies to get your home smelling festive.

Offer Snacks and Refreshments
Nobody can be comfortable when they are hungry or thirsty. When guests are offered something to snack on they immediately feel more comfortable. And, if you put out freshly baked cookies, your house will be smelling super-homey too!

Be Accommodating of Both Kids & FurKids
If children are on the guest list, make sure to have an area and some activities arranged for them ahead of time. If pets will be visiting as well, set up pet-friendly areas to ensure your furry guests are comfortable as well.

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