Our Specialty Finishes Department is a part of our business plan that sets us apart from other painters in the Bay Area. It is headed up by our Master Painter and Maestro, Eduardo D’ignoti, who is straight out of Italy! He has a passion for flair and serious attention to detail. The walls may start bare but with Eduardo’s vision and touch, they end in a complete masterpiece!

Video by Sam Bauman

To create each piece, we use variety of high-quality substances including paint, coatings, and plasters. These varieties allow for each and every project to end with a unique decorative touch. The simplicity of upgrading your wall can have an immense impact on the overall feeling of a room, elevating the entire room’s energy.

The styles, color, and designs are nearly endless. They can be textured or smooth, matte or metallic, marble or solid, shapes or stripes, nudes or neon. Each specialty finish is completed by hand meticulously and with precision, to ensure that you get the quality of work that you deserve, will continue to love, and that lasts a lifetime.

These specialty finishes turn every room they are in, into a work of art. People can’t help but stop, stare, and take in the beauty. They make a bathroom unforgettable, a dining room a talking point, or an accent wall even more eye catching. They are breathtaking whether they are on all walls or one.

All the images shown here, were taken in our showroom which we have designed in a manner that allows for visitors to imagine having these distinctive walls in any space they can envision.

If you love what you see, and have a design in mind please reach out so that we can discuss your idea and make it become a reality.

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