Preparing for Contractors When You Have Pets

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If you are planning to start a new construction project, such as a new home painting project, you must think about how the work is going to affect your pets. Between the loud noises, new strangers in the home and the shuffling of items and furniture, renovation or construction projects can sometimes be stressful for pets. Dogs in particular fear loud noises. Pets like routines and quiet spaces where they feel safe, so it is easy to understand why they can be startled by projects that temporarily turn their world upside down. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can lessen the disruptiveness of your upcoming renovation project.

Find Ways to Soothe Your Pet
Prepare in advance for the construction project by acknowledging that the renovation may cause your pet to feel anxiety. If you can, consider removing your pet from the home until construction ends. If that is not possible, prepare for the construction project by creating a safe space for your pets, equipped with toys, treats and bedding. Do what you can to minimize the noise once the construction project begins. If you can, consider playing music or turning on the television to reduce sounds from the construction project. Try to create a soothing environment for the pet that is far away from the construction site.

Give Them a Workout if Possible
Pets thrive off of having normal routines. Continue to walk and feed them as you normal would, even after construction on your home has started. Anticipate that your pets may be feel agitated or stressed by the construction noise, so try get them to release some of that tension by taking them for a walk (if possible) before the home construction work begins each day.

Be Alert for Signs of Illness
Understand that a construction site may be toxic to your pet. Given that pets are more sensitive to toxic odors of fumes, be on the look-out for signs of distress among your pets. If, after construction begins, your pet begins showing behavioral changes, like aggression, accidents, lethargy, coughing, or refusing to eat, bring your pet to the veterinarian immediately.

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