Choosing the Right Color for Your Master Bedroom

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When redoing your master bedroom, it can be hard to pick out a lot of new aspect when it comes to the design. But perhaps one of the toughest decisions you’ll make is what color to paint the walls. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, and you don’t want to hate the new color after only two weeks. Below you’ll find some tips on how to pick the best color for your master bedroom.

Consider the Mood
Your master bedroom is likely bigger than most other rooms in your home, which means you can be a little more relaxed when it comes to picking a color. Find a color that reflects the mood you want your master bedroom to convey. Do you want it to be a relaxing space? Do you want something energetic? Or do you want a color that will inspire you the moment you walk in? No matter what you decide, pick a color that will reflect what type of mood you want your bedroom to portray, and have it be a reflection of who you are as well.

Green is a very popular and wise choice for bedrooms, mainly because it was both cool and warm elements to it, and there is a wide range of tints you can choose from. Green also makes decorating easier, because it can be used in a more modern, eclectic way, or a more zen, relaxing way. If you only want to use it as an accent color, green is the perfect color to make small details pop.

Red or Yellow
Although you can use red or yellow in the bedroom, proceed with caution as red and yellow are very stimulating colors. We suggest using either as accent colors, and incorporate them in pillows, candles, hand towels, or lamp shades or bases. You can also get creative and use it in your accent pillows or bedding. If you’re set on painting the walls either of these colors, go for a softer shade for a more relaxing effect.

Blues are the most natural color for bedrooms. They’re both cool and soothing, and help relax you after a long day. Deeper shades of blues can make a great statement wall, or act as a dramatic backdrop for an important piece of furniture. There are plenty of muted and pale tones to help you unwind after a long day.\

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect paint color for your master bedroom, or any color in your home, visit McDermaid Painting. We can help you find the perfect color, just give us a call today at 650-961-7415.