5 Paint Textures you should Consider

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Turning your home into something you love is no simple task, especially when it comes to painting. It takes time, research, and dedication to find the right color or texture. When considering paint you can mix and match different styles to find a color that represents you and how you want to feel in your home. Remember: this is your place to sit back and unwind after a long day, so you should make it a place you feel at peace. Before choosing a style, it’s important to weigh out all of your options. Read below to learn about different paint styles and their textures! 

  1. Popcorn: Like the name, this texture has a  grainy and “popcorn” like look to it. This is a great way to hide any blemishes on the walls. To make this look, it’s pretty complex so you may need to hire a pro because you will need a paint sprayer with a large nozzle. This is how it will maintain a fluffy appearance. 
  2. Orange Peel: The texture of this paint looks shiny and bumpy, like an orange peel! For the application, you have to maintain consistency. Too thick of a layer will destroy the desired orange peel look, making it look less luxurious. This paint is very adaptable, meaning you can easily scrape it off, perfect for a bathroom or kitchen. 
  3. Hawk & Trowel: The name Hawk and Trowel, is also the name of the tools that you would need to use to make this desired look. This texture is flat, but with straight lines in several layers. A Hawk is thin, flat, and plate with a handle. A trowel is a flat, rectangle, that applies plaster. 
  4. Skip Trowel: This might be one of the easier textures to apply to your home’s walls. It helps hide any blemishes in your walls, all while creating unique patterns and textures. This technique creates random shapes that come off the wall. 
  5. Slap Brush: The slap brush technique is when the strokes resemble a crows-foot, panda paw, or stomp brush. This is another way to hide any flaws or imperfections that could be on your walls. This pattern is all texture and will give any room that finishing touch. 

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