The color trends of 2018 swept in vibrant jewel tones and deep, saturated colors in furniture, walls, and accents. 2019 color trends are based on a warmer, more neutral palette, trending away from gray. The effect is mindful, calm and focused on lifestyle and balance. Whether counterbalancing fast-paced lifestyles or transitioning towards bolder design, 2019 colors are inspired by what matters most – bringing comfort and ease within our spaces. 

The Changing of the Grays

Gray has been a mainstay for almost a decade now in both interior paint colors and exterior paint colors. As grays evolve in 2019, they are tinted with deeper undertones of blues, purples, and greens creating a more sophisticated and inkier look. Conversely, you will see other colors like browns, navy, and purples take on gray undertones for more introspective tranquility. 

Au Naturals

Deep forest greens pull the healing properties of nature into the home. Olive green, a timeless color, beautifully complements neutrals and brightens saturated colors for serenity or a fun effect. Peaceful, classic and serene, olive can stand on its own or blend well with all design styles. It’s one of the most transformative complementary colors.


Bronze has made an entrance on the color scene as a part of the trend toward nature with a variety of clay colors. Although suggestive of the Southwest, today’s bronzes are more modern and industrial, adding drama and warmth to the home.

Mushroom is the new beige. But it’s its own beige, with more gray and less brown. This warm color is softer and more refined than the camels and beige colors of yesterday. The added gray keeps this wall color from feeling drab and dated.


Moody blues with a calming grey undertone are softer with a haze, mistiness, and feeling of serenity. They bring a needed calm to the living room or bedroom after a long stressful day. Blues are also showing up as pops of color against white and neutrals. For those who don’t like too much color, pops of blue are a gentle option for adding interest to a room. A cool blue is just the right accent to a room full of neutrals.

Soft Tones and Neutrals

One doesn’t think of pale pink as a neutral shade, but it works wonderfully well. Soft pinks mix easily with an abundance of other colors and add a calming muted effect. Warm, soft pinks are appearing on walls as well as in accessories and accent colors.

With the trend towards minimalism and simplicity, creams, whites, and beiges, are being incorporated into many home color palettes. Colorful undertones are bolstering up shades of cream creating new looks of simplicity and sophistication. 

There is nothing more classic or fool-proof than an “almost-white” of paint. 2019 is the year of “almost-whites.” The subtle nuances offered by this palette adapt beautifully to surrounding colors, varied lighting, and furniture. Surprisingly, almost-whites satisfy minimalist palettes while still feeling dynamic.

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